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"I have been in the healthcare industry for 45 years and have to state that Dr Minichetti is the benchmark for dentristry and implant technology. He is friendly and upbeat and his surgical technique is unparalleled. It's my understanding that he is a top instructor in the implant procedure technique. For me being apprehensive about dental visits this is certainly the place to be. Englewood Dental staff is so friendly and accomodating putting you at ease from start to finish. Friendly laughter from them all lightens the experience. Englewood Dental is the best of the best."
- Anthony C. (2020)

Dr. Minichetti speaks on Dental Anxiety and some remedies to help!

 “There’s nothing like a good laugh to calm your nerves!” he exclaims. “I specifically hire staff members that are personable and able to make patients feel at ease – because dental anxiety is a very common thing.”  

Dr Minichetti answers, “How has Implant Education changed over the years?"

Dr. Domingue and Dr. Moody interview Dr. John Minichetti, Director of AAID’s Las Vegas MaxiCourse®. They  discuss how general dentists have increasingly become more accepted as implantologists, and the question of whether implant dentistry should be a specialty.

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