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Patient Testimonials

"I’ve been wanting to express myself to you for quite some time, however your hands of gold are always in my mouth, hence this note. Since that first emergency root canal at 7:30 A.M.on a Sunday morning over thirty years ago I have had the pleasure of knowing you. What started that day has culminated into a beautiful, natural smile with my own permanent teeth. The foundation you built is what made it happen.

I could go on and on about your professionalism as well as your staff. I see you in them; a tribute in and of itself; your office is wallpapered in achievements. You have attained greatness.

What impresses me in addition to your technical acumen, is your human side. I have never seen you waiver in your daily demeanor no matter what is going on. Your accomplishments have not gone to your head – you are the same man you were 30 years ago. I consider this quality to be of equal importance.

In my opinion you simply are the best.

Chart number 20"