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3 Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Smile Safe This Summer

Summer = Vacation!

School is out and Summer is finally here. But did you know some Summer sports and activities can pose a danger to dental health without the right preparation? Check out a few easy ways to keep your family’s teeth safe this Summer.

We all recognize the importance of safety around the pool to prevent falls resulting in chipped teeth or worse, but those who swim 6 or more hours a week (competitive or athlete swimmers particularly) may be at risk for developing yellowish to brownish stains on their teeth. The condition is known as Swimmers Calculus, and it’s the result of a reaction between the chemically treated pool water and salivary proteins. Extra brushing or brushing harder will not reduce the staining, and may lead to irritation and inflammation of the gums.
The Solution? Regular visits to your dentist or hygienist for a professional cleaning will return your teeth to their sparkling brilliance. You may also want to speak to your dentist about preventative maintenance during months when you or your family will be spending more time in the pool.

2. Scuba Diving:
If your summer plans include family vacations and scuba diving, make time to visit your dentist to prevent what is known as “diver’s mouth syndrome”, a condition whose symptoms include jaw joint pain, gum issues and tooth pain. The cause is a combination of clenching due to ill-fitting mouthpieces and changes in atmospheric pressure leading to ‘tooth squeeze’ (Barodontalgia), the painful result of diving with incomplete dental work, cavities or gum disease.
The Solution? Schedule a thorough check up well before you plan to go diving, being sure to leave enough time to address and complete any necessary dental work. Be sure to find a mouthpiece with a comfortable fit when gearing up for your dive; you may even have to experiment with several mouthpieces before the actual dive.

3. Contact Sports:
If your children are participating in any sports this summer, a trip to your dentist may be in order. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, sports-related dental injuries account for more than 600,000 emergency room visits each year. Even recreational sports can result in dental injuries. Pick-up games of soccer, football, baseball and other sports are often played without protection, increasing the likelihood of injury; this is especially so for those who’ve had dental work or wear braces.
The Solution? Wear a mouthguard. The Academy of General Dentistry estimates mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries every year and reduce the risk of concussion by 50%. There are three types of mouthguard available: store bought, boil and bite, and custom fit. While the store bought options are the least expensive, they also offer the least protection and worst fit; boil and bite do provide a higher level of comfort, however, for the best fit, comfort and protection available, see your dentist for a custom fit mouthguard.

Enjoy Your Summer with a Healthy Smile!
Summer is the perfect time to address any dental needs you or your family may have, including checkups, cleaning appointments, and wisdom teeth extractions. Our doctors and staff here at Englewood Dental will work with you to develop a treatment plan and appointment schedule that allows you to jump into summer with a healthy, happy smile. We pride ourselves on our experience with the latest dental technology and cutting edge treatment and sedation options. Our extended office hours and flexible financing plans make it possible to offer the very best in comfortable dental care, providing great results and optimal dental health for your family. Call us today @ 201.871.3555 or contact us online to schedule your Free* Consultation!

It Won’t Hurt a Bit…
We understand if some are reluctant to begin treatment while on vacation or apprehensive about pain during procedures and/or recovery periods. At Englewood Dental, our patients’ comfort during dental treatment and satisfaction with results is our highest priority. Our goal is a pain-free appointment for every patient at each visit. Our team of Board Certified doctors and specialists offer a variety of sedation options to meet their patient’s needs, including Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”) and oral sedation. Our office is also happy to have a dedicated Board Certified Anesthesiologist Dr. Nadine Keegan on staff, allowing us to offer additional sedation options for our more anxious or fearful patient.
Schedule your consultation to discuss which sedation method is your best option for worry free dental visits. Call our office at 201.871.3555, or request your consultation online today.

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